CIO/CTO Services

Modern businesses need to give technology the executive level attention it needs.

A CIO/CTO or Chief Information Technology Officer is a business savvy IT executive who oversees the alignment of technology strategy and plans to the business strategy and direction. They are more of a generalist responsible for the overall performance of IT plans, operations, projects and vendors.

Businesses are going through an immense amount of change. New obstacles need to be overcome and new opportunities need to be explored. The appropriate adoption and management of digital technology cannot be overlooked.

ourCIO's executive digital technology advisors fulfill the executive leadership responsibilities in a right sized capacity for small and midsize businesses, giving them the peace of mind everything is in good hands.

It's simple, you have an easy and risk free way to have a CIO on your team.

A CIO will drive critical change by:

  • Working with your executive team and key personnel throughout the business to develop and articulate a technology vision, strategy and plans.
  • Bridging the gap between IT (internal teams and vendors) and non-IT professionals so needs are effectively communicated and understood.
  • Identifying and prioritizing appropriate digital technology investments and initiatives aligned to the current and upcoming needs of the business.
  • Implementing appropriate people, processes and technology to support IT operations and in support of the business strategy.
  • Introducing appropriate IT and user-based controls and policies
  • Managing technology capital budgets and operational expenses.

Part-time, casual, short-term, ongoing - see how ourCIO's Executive Digital Technology Advisors are driving value for the businesses they serve.

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