Digital Manitoba Initiative

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The Digital Manitoba Initiative is a timely program offering Manitoba small and midsize businesses (SME's) funded access to vital skills and services to encourage Manitoba businesses to adapt to changing technological requirements.

"Updating and upgrading technology can seem complex and overwhelming," said Chuck Davidson, president & CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. "The Digital Services Program offers an easy way to navigate legacy challenges that can lead to increased productivity, enhanced operational efficiencies and access to new markets."

This DMI program page is to help businesses understand the Digital Services Program and to take advantage of the opportunity it has created.



Develop a clear understanding of your current state and where next steps in technology investment could go to increase your competitiveness in the digital economy. The Business Technology Assessment service pairs Program Participants with a specialized Digital Service Provider who will analyze your organization to understand your technology requirements and provide an actionable roadmap as you implement change.


Get the legal documentation you need to maximize your digital growth confidently. The Digital Legal Services Stream will help your business manage risk and plan for growth by preparing the necessary policies, registrations, and agreements to secure your rights to your website content and collected data. Approved applicants will have access to a specialized Digital Service Provider who will provide legal documentation for one of three areas: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or End-User License Agreement (EULA).


Recognize your vulnerabilities to cyber threats and learn what you can do to protect your organization. The Cybersecurity Audit provides a detailed view of your organisation’s specific vulnerability to cyber-attacks and gives you a plan to implement better technology, procedures, and training to protect your business. This process is led by an experienced cybersecurity professional who will provide an actionable roadmap to reduce risk to your business in the digital economy.
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Are You Eligible?

DMI has laid out the following eligibility requirements for applications:
  • Your businesses needs to be owned and operated in the Province of Manitoba.
  • Your business must be registered and in good standing with the Manitoba Companies Office, operating since April 1, 2021, or earlier.
  • You can demonstrate that your business have invested a minimum of $3,500 in building digital capacity since April 1, 2022.
  • Your business has a minimum of 5 employees
  • The individual named in the application is authorized to enter into legal agreements on behalf of the company.
Please refer to section 1.5 of DMI's Program Guide for further eligibility criteria.

What To Expect

Let's gain an understanding of what needs to happen, what will happen, and when.
  • The first step is to determine which digital service stream is right for you. Refer to the details on the 3 programs (streams) listed above in the DMI Digital Services Programs section.
  • The next step is to apply. Registration is straight forward and quick to complete for those who prepare information that is needed during the application process. This includes a Manitoba Companies Office file summary which can be accessed through the Companies Office online portal. Proof of staffing is also required and can be demonstrated by T4 summarized, CPP deductions, EI premiums and income tax.
  • You should receive notification via email within 5 to 10 business days if their application has passed the initial screening or if it has been rejected.
  • When accepted, you will be asked to participate in a short 15 minute interview with DMI for further assessment, alignment and understanding of the program and program stream you have chosen.
  • After the assessment interview, you will be notified of your final acceptance into the program. DMI will schedule an onboarding meeting to introduce you to the digital service provider for the stream you have selected. This meeting will outline further expectations of the engagement ahead and start the process of having this scheduled and kicked off.
  • ourCIO will work closely with you to gain a preliminary understanding of your business so we can tailor a proposal suitable for you. We will better familiarize you with the Business Technology Assessment process. Once you are ready to proceed, you will be presented with an ourCIO Services Agreement and we will then work together to schedule accordingly.
  • Following completion of the services provided by the digital service provider, you will be asked to participate in an exit interview with DMI within 4 weeks to complete the program.
That's it. It's recommended you consult the Program Guide for the detailed terms and conditions.

When you are ready to apply, visit the Digital Manitoba Initiative website, locate the Digital Services Program, and select the Digital Services Program (stream) where you feel you will get the most value.

Good luck and congratulations on taking advantage of this unique opportunity!
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