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Be At The Table, Not On The Menu

ourCIO is excited to be collaborating with ICD Canada's Manitoba Chapter for an event that will empower directors with more situational awareness and broader understanding of their role during a cyber incident. Titled "Be at the Table, Not on the Menu : Under Pressure - a Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise" This 2 hour workshop is set to be a must attend event.

Leave Improv to the Actors – Incident Response Planning for Small and Midsize Business

In the current landscape of relentless cyber attacks, it’s no secret that having a robust incident response plan is not just advisable—it’s essential. The statistics are stark, and as a savvy business leader, you’re already aware of the risks. But let’s talk about readiness. It’s not about if a breach will happen; it’s about when. And when it does, the fallout can be catastrophic. So why does it seem most small and midsize businesses are “winging it” when it comes to managing an incident? Maybe this is perfectly acceptable if you have taken the time to identify that a cyber breach would have little to no effect on your business. You are living my dream if that’s the case. Please skip the rest of this article and enjoy your day. For the rest of us, is “winging it” really in our best interest?

CDAP Closes Applications

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) announced on Monday that it is no longer accepting new applications for the Boost our Business Technology Grant

Starting Off 2024 On The Right Foot

What should businesses and organizations be focused on as we kick off 2024 with regards to technology? At ourCIO we believe there are always 4 key areas to focus on.

2 Immediate Steps Businesses Should Be Taking With AI

There is a lot of buzz in the business community about Generative AI. Although Artificial Intelligence has been discussed and used in business for a while now, it really emerged this past year with ChatGPT being a practical user accessible tool. ourCIO has participated in several discussions, workshops, and presentations on this topic, especially over the last 6 months. Although there is a lot to consider, we want to share with you 2 steps businesses should betaking immediate steps on.

Manitoba Digital Services Funding Program Re-Opens

With $1.2 million in funding from the Manitoba government, the Digital Manitoba Initiative Digital Services Program is available to support small and mid-size businesses as they navigate their way as modern-day digital businesses.

Selecting a CDAP Digital Advisor That's Right For You

The Canada Digital Adoption Program opened for applications just over a year ago. ourCIO was fortunate to be selected as one of the programs first digital advisors to deliver digital adoption plans for Canadian businesses. Over the course of the year, we've observed some interesting tactics from advisors to earn your business. Their tactics, unfortunately, are to earn your business, but do they earn your trust? In this article, let's give some consideration toward what you should be looking for when selecting a CDAP Digital Advisor.

Kent Smith to Present at Brandon Tech Mashup

ourCIO's Partner, Kent Smith, has been invited to speak at a special Tech Mashup being held in Brandon, MB on June 6, 2023.

What's Progressing Faster, 2021 or your Technology Plan?

As soon as you finish one budgeting cycle it feels like it's year end and then it’s time to start all over again. It’s too easy to look at your technology spend simply as a cost center when ideally, you should be able to consider it a business enabler. Paul provides some insights on how to craft a better IT plan.

Why Does My Business Need A Cybersecurity Plan

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology CyberWave, and ourCIO came together for the Chambers first Asked & Answered webinar of 2022.

Welcome Dani Pokornik

ourCIO is incredibly pleased and excited to announce our new Partner and vCIO, Dani Pokornik.

What. A. [1st] Year.

How exciting it is for our business to be turning 1 today! It’s frankly kind of neat, because, you see, you nurture and cherish a new business just like a new child. You see it start to get on its feet, get its first customer, DELIGHT ITS FIRST CUSTOMER and eventually pay its parents their first allowance (okay, so that’s backwards).

Welcome Milan Zivkovic

We are pleased to have Milan Zivkovic join our community as a Consulting CIO leveling the playing field for businesses in Vancouver, BC and across Canada with access to executive level IT leadership.

Welcome Cal Hawley

ourCIO proudly welcomes Cal Hawley to our Community of IT Executives Leaders for hire. Mr. Hawley has represented Manitoba Education and Shared Health in his 30+ years of public sector IT management. He is adept at IT planning, strategy, business transformation, governance, business continuity & disaster recovery, mentoring, and contract management. He is now empowering small to medium size businesses to make the right IT decisions and investments as Consulting CIO.

We Welcome Neil Day to the Team

ourCIO welcomes Neil Day as our latest Executive Digital Technology Advisor/CIO to join the team. Based in Alberta, Neil brings 30 years of digital technology experience across a range of industries and senior level positions.