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ourCIO is a collective of world-class technology advisors on a mission to deliver c-suite level expertise to small- and medium-sized organizations — without the c-suite salary. Our advisors act as part-time strategists to help navigate the ever-changing challenges of technology, with honest, agnostic advice.

From digital transformation to IT leadership and management to growth planning, our seasoned team will be there by your side, whether you’re running a social enterprise, financial institution, lottery, or industrial operation. ourCIO’s technology experts will help futureproof your organization and turn your IT spending from an expense, into an investment.


Our Technology Advisors have 20+ years of experience, with 10+ years experience in an Executive IT Leadership capacity. Behind our Advisors are their supporting connections - Peer executives, industry connections, specialists, vetted service providers and resellers.

Meet Our Advisors

Are you an experienced IT Executive looking to make a difference?

You have the knowledge and vision to share. You enjoy helping organizations use technology to their advantage. You want to be that positive impact that moves organizations forward. If this sounds refreshing to you, consider joining the ourCIO Community.  We would like to hear from you.
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