About Us

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ourCIO is Your CIO

In its most basic form, ourCIO is exactly that... Your CIO, CISO and Executive Digital Advisors. We are a collective of executive level IT leaders sharing our business experience and know-how with you.

Organizations gain a trusted IT contact for impartial advice. They get someone to fulfill their higher-level IT needs. Most importantly, they become equipped with the capability to make the right investments and move the right technology initiatives forward.


Digital Advisors

Our Digital Advisors have 20+ years of experience, with 10+ years experience in an Executive IT Leadership capacity. Behind our Digital Advisors are their supporting connections - Peer executives, industry connections, specialists, vetted service providers and resellers.

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Meet Our Digital Advisors

Are you an experienced IT Executive looking to make a difference?

You have the knowledge and vision to share. You enjoy helping organizations use technology to their advantage. You want to be that positive impact that moves organizations forward. If this sounds refreshing to you, consider joining the ourCIO Community.  We would like to hear from you.

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