January 8, 2024

Starting Off 2024 On The Right Foot

What should businesses and organizations be focused on as we kick off 2024 with regards to technology?

At ourCIO we believe there are always 4 key areas to focus on;

  1. Strategy: We need to have a strategy to harness technology to gain maximum benefit from it. And that includes the use of technology in all our departments, especially Finance, HR, Sales and Operations.
  2. Cost Optimization: Poor processes cost money and wasted technology cost lots of money. We need to spend wisely.
  3. Risk Management: Cyber risk is not going away. In fact, it’s a greater concern now more than ever. Like any risk we need to manage it. Effectively and efficiently.
  4. Innovation: Doing things the way we have always done it doesn’t work anymore. Just ask Blockbuster, Eaton’s and Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond and We Work. Technology is not innovation but technology can play a critical role in Innovation.

Let’s be honest, technology is complicated and frankly, hard. Lots of people want to sell you lots of things. Which pieces do you actually need? And what is appropriate for your size of organization?

The experts at ourCIO have decades of experience leading and guiding organizations with trusted and independent advice. We don’t sell software or hardware, we sell confidence.

Paul Beaudry is a part-time IT executive and technology advisor who unlocks business potential and return on tech investment for the businesses he serves.

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