February 17, 2022

CIO Titles - There are Several!

CIO, short for Chief Information Officer is the most commonly used title when it comes to identifying the senior executive overseeing the technology function and is in charge of technology management. Seeing there are so many other titles that can also represent the CIO role, we though it would be worthwhile to list them out. In some cases we have added a special note.

CIO / Chief Information Officer
CTO / Chief Technology Officer - Tend to see the CTO role used more in organizations developing technical products or services.
CIO / Chief Innovation Officer
CDO / Chief Digital Officer
CISO / Chief Information Security Officer - Often a unique role to the CIO, however depending on the size of organization, the CIO may also handle CISO responsibilities.
VP IT / Vice President Information Technology
VP IS / Vice President Information Services
VP Technology / Vice President Technology
IT Director
Head of IT
IT Manager - Often very technology focused and not as much business focused role

Kent Smith is an experienced IT executive sharing his know-how so organizations can navigate through the complexity of technology.

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