May 16, 2023

Kent Smith to Present at Brandon Tech Mashup

ourCIO's Partner, Kent Smith, has been invited to speak at a special Tech Mashup being held in Brandon, MB on June 6, 2023.

Here are the event details:

Brandon Tech Mash-up "Digital Transformation: Navigating the Modern Business Landscape"

When did our business become a digital business?

We may not always see it this way, but regardless of size, location or industry, modern businesses are becoming digital businesses. These digital businesses just happen to operate within certain sectors.

Kent Smith is a Partner at ourCIO and has devoted his career to understanding and building technology strategies as an Executive Digital Advisor/Chief Information Technology Officer. His presentation will dissect the buzzwords and dive into real boardroom insights on how small and midsize businesses here in Manitoba and across the prairies are digitally transforming their companies.

We must also recognize as modern-day businesses that we have a fiduciary responsibility to protect our customers, employees and shareholders from the growing threat of cyber. The presentation will also share key insights for management teams and board members to consider in their roles and responsibilities toward IT risk management and cybersecurity.

Those in attendance will gain:

  • Real world insights on what other Manitoba businesses are thinking about and doing related to IT, technology strategy, and digital adoption
  • Key insights management teams, owners, and board members should consider in their roles and responsibilities toward IT risk management and cybersecurity
  • An opportunity to connect with other businesses and discuss digital adoption and strategy

Meet the Presenter:

Kent Smith
Partner, Executive Digital Advisor - OurCIO
Kent Smith is a founding Partner at ourCIO where he set forth on his vision of levelling the playing field for small and medium businesses by creating a model where SME's can access much needed trusted advice and leadership around digital technology - just like larger enterprises benefit from.

Kent has been employed in Information Technology since he was a teenager in the late 1990's. As a young achiever, he progressed through various technology roles and into executive IT leadership roles in his mid-20's where he has continued to grow since.

Known for his progressive leadership style, Kent has an exceptional ability to foster relationships, institute positive change, and simply get things done. He brings business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit to the work he does. He is a champion of continuous improvement with a keen interest in helping businesses transform and innovate. Kent is well versed in IT risk management including that of closely managing cybersecurity for the businesses he serves.

Event page and registration can be located here: Brandon Tech Mash-up "Digital Transformation: Navigating the Modern Business Landscape" - Jun 6, 2023 - Tech Manitoba

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