May 12, 2021

ourCIO is Evolving

People evolve. Technologies evolve. Companies evolve. ourCIO is evolving. We are pleased to introduce our new look.

"As we were evaluating the idea of a refreshed look, we discovered there were some major tech players who refreshed their logo early on. This made it even more enticing to make the change." chuckled Kent Smith, Managing Partner and vCIO.

"We continue to serve organizations with great technology leadership and advice. It seemed to be the right time for a fresh look." said Paul Beaudry, Managing Partner and vCIO. "Our launch logo was home-made. It was important to keep costs low as we got established. We now felt we needed a look that showcased our focus on honesty, trust and dependability."

It's something only the Partners may appreciate, but the circle incorporates the letters C I O and reflects communication and collaboration - 2 key attributes needed to make an organization succeed with technology.

A new look isn't what makes a brand. It's our continued commitment to providing organizations with independent and trusted business-minded IT advice, strategy and leadership that does. We're helping organizations move forward.

Kent Smith and Paul Beaudry are experienced IT executives sharing their know-how so organizations can navigate through the complexity of technology.

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