January 21, 2021

What. A. [1st] Year.

How exciting it is for our business to be turning 1 today! It’s frankly kind of neat, because, you see, you nurture and cherish a new business just like a new child. You see it start to get on its feet, get its first customer, DELIGHT ITS FIRST CUSTOMER and eventually pay its parents their first allowance (okay, so that’s backwards).

The date was January 21, 2020, business registration now in hand, a year full of promise and excitement lies ahead. You know, then there was this little pandemic thing that blindsided us and everyone else, but thankfully we were ready to coach organizations through the tremendous technological change that was now needed.

And that work continues. We are so thankful for those first organizations who brought us on as their technology coach and leader. And we’re thankful those relationships continue. We appreciate those who have supported us, encouraged us, and who have shared our story. And we are very excited for our future clients we have yet to meet.

To share one story from our first year, we said we will know we are succeeding if we the organizations we work with view as as an employee. We joked that the measurement for this is getting invited to their holiday parties. That clearly didn’t happen this year with the pandemic, but we did get to share in some staff holiday gifts. How cool is that?

We are very excited for everything to come in this next leg of the journey.

-Kent Smith, Paul Beaudry

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